Friday, November 30, 2007

QSL Card Printing

In the past two years, my entire QSL card was printed by QSL Printer in China. The printing quality was good in the very first beginning, however, those current batch of VR10 cards were really disappointed.
1) The cards are curled, probably due to overheat during the laminated process
2) The color not exactly the same, very dark and contrast no good

Last month, UX5UO , a QSL card printer from Ukraine sent me a promotion e-mail about his service. They offer me a sample of 1000 cards for US$22 (shipping cost only)

Without hesitation, I accepted their offer and sending them my shack photo as the QSL card front and simple text design for the back side. After three weeks, the cards arrived and I am very happy with the printing quality. They well care of my image file and edit with their professional skill.
No doubt, my next batch of card printing will go to them for sure.

9U0A & 5U5U QSL Cards

Received very nice QSL card from 9U0A and 5U5U.