Saturday, December 1, 2007

ZL7/SP5EAQ - 40M QSO confirmed

I am very happy to confirm the QSO with ZL7/SP5EAQ on 40M. My antenna is a trap shorten dipole ( GM4JMU design ) with 100W from FT-2000.

GI7B Six Meter Amplifier Project

In year 2000, three of us ( VR2XMQ, VR2IL and me ) purchase a very nice Russian Tube (GI7B) from Dr. Alex UR4LL for the intention of building amplifier for six meters. We never start the project ...
Until early this year, VR2IL sold his tube to me. With the pair of tube, I start to plan the project, including:

1) collect of parts
  • For the reason that commercial tube socket is not available and searching around the net and find it is available from W4ZT
  • Power transformer, still searching around if it is available to wind in local market. Otherwise, may need to find in Mainland.

2) Circuit - I refer to use YU1Aw design.

I will update any more status of this project in future.