Sunday, December 9, 2007

GI7B Six Meter Amplifier Project - Update 2

If is quite difficult to get small diameter of copper tubing. It needs to buy at least a roll of several meter of quantity. So I give up this kind of material. Looking around and thinking of using surplus short length of hard line cable, center conductor is 5mm diameter. Wound 4 turn, inner diameter 40mm.
Doorknob capacitor is 1000pf 15KV purchased from Mainland China.

GI7B Six Meter Amplifier Project - Update 1

Yesterday went to Canton road to cut the aluminum sheets for the front panel and partition for the chassis. Six pieces cost of $215. I also locate one winding transformer company and ask for the quote for a 1000VA transformer at a reasonable cost. Size is approx. 6”x6”x6” and delivery time is one week. I told the shop will prepare the specification and order next week. What a surprise that they have transformer oil (for my HN-31 Heathkit dummy load) in stock, which is very rare and difficult to find here.

The major component is ready and has tried to place them on the chassis and it looks fine.