Thursday, December 20, 2007

GI7B Six Meter Amplifier Project - Update 3

In the past couple of day, the six meter amplifier project moving very slow.

1) I have made the PCB Board Fabrication for High Voltage and Soft Start. This weekend, will go for the Software Key and Bias PCB.
2) I also drill two big holes for the front panel meter High Voltage and Plate Current meter. Although it is a tough work, which took me an hour to complete, it looks very nice.
3) I cut 80mm Telfon Rod of 20mm Diameter for the plate choke. SWG 22 wire expect arrive from UK within this week.
4) I bought one 12V 10A contact rating Omron relay from Apliu Street, which is for the T/R switching.

From the photo, you can see the soft start PCB mounted on the bottom of the chassis.