Monday, December 3, 2007

Dinner gathering on 1 Dec

Wyn, VR2AX offer me a pair of old GE 3-500z tubes. By this occasion, I arranged a dinner gathering together with Steve, VR2XMQ and Martin, VR2/AA1ON. My XYL and Queanne (Martin’s colleague) also with us. We all have a very enjoyable time.

On Sunday afternoon, I tested the tubes with the following result:

1) Standby current (60mA for two) 25mA + 35mA. My old pair of Eimac took 110mA on both

2) Output power

80M = 850W
40M = 850W
20M = close to 900W
15M = 850W
10M = 650W

One is growing red.

Thank you Wyn for this nice gift to me.