Monday, July 7, 2008

FT-2000 Remote Keypad

FT-2000 has 4 voice memories, which is a convenient feature for me during contest. However, I find it inconvenient to hit the F1 - F4 function keys with my big fingers. The alternative is to buy the remote keypad FH-2, but consider it is very expensive.

Information from the net that the keypad is a combination of push button and resistors, which make it as voltage divider and it is the same as the previous model FH-1, see attached circuit diagram and resistor values.

The original FH-2 keypad has 12 buttons, which are for other functions. My application is for F1-F4, so I decided to make the keypad as simple as possible by using a plastic box, with 4 push buttons. It works fine and ready for the IARU contest.