Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SB-220 from W7RY

Recently I purchased one nice SB-220 from Jim, W7RY. It is 100 % stock unit without any modification, plus original manual. Price ask by Jim is reasonable, but shipping charge is very expensive, almost half the price of the amplifier. Jim help me to remove the tubes and ship separately. The box with amplifier weight about 64 lbs after packed. It is on the way back by USPS, probably arrived next week. Here are some pictures from Jim before shipping out.

Although I have the same for daily operation, but would like to have one more for backup. However, I need to perform some modification / upgrade to it , in order to have a stable working unit.


VR2XMT said...

The amplifier arrived safely on 30 June, but the tubes not show up yet. Good packing but still have several screws coming out, including the HV transformer. Very lucky that nothing damaged at all. I have made some clean up and checking the voltgae setting before power up. Everything fine and now waiting for the tubes.

VR2XMT said...

Tubes arrived on today, date code 7722.